Frequently Asked Questions

Why use us?

[su_spoiler title=”More” icon=”plus-circle”]We are your local travel vaccination specialists located within our pharmacy. For excellent service at very competitive prices, come and visit us today! For the latest prices, please see our vaccination price list.

Following a consultation, we are also able to issue all malaria prevention medication while you wait.[/su_spoiler]

When should I have my vaccination?

[su_spoiler title=”More” icon=”plus-circle”]While it’s never too late to get your vaccinations, 6-8 weeks before departure is preferable.[/su_spoiler]

What should I bring with me?

[su_spoiler title=”More” icon=”plus-circle”]It is advised that you bring any past vaccination records you may have. You may need to contact your doctor and ask for a written vaccination record. On the day of vaccination make sure you feel well and do not have a fever, otherwise the consultation may need to be postponed.[/su_spoiler]

Ask your Pharmacist!

[su_spoiler title=”More” icon=”plus-circle”]If in doubt, ask! If you require any information, book in for a Full Travel Consultation. Consultation cost is £10 but is free should you decide to have any vaccinations or malaria prevention treatments.[/su_spoiler]

Children under 16yrs

[su_spoiler title=”More” icon=”plus-circle”]If you require children to be vaccinated please ensure you bring documentation to establish your relationship[/su_spoiler]

Walk in Service

[su_spoiler title=”More” icon=”plus-circle”]Whilst we offer a no appointment walk-in service, during busy periods you may need to wait. We would always recommend making an advance booking to ensure minimum wait and a speedy service, even if it only an hour or two before.[/su_spoiler]

Expert Advice – Always